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Tony Westwood



Who we are

At MInd Fit Golf we FOCUS on YOU and how you approach your golf

How well you play will be determined by:

  • What you do PHYSICALLY
  • What you understand TECHNICALLY
  • How you process information MENTALLY
  • How you 'SHOW UP' to each shot
  • Your MINDSET

Philosophy & Vision

We believe there is a golfer inside everyone!

There is no one “perfect swing'

We have developed a unique process that will make a difference to how you approach your game - GUARANTEED!


Our unique process helps you to create a 'Can Do' mindset, help you improve your golf!

The process is simple and GUARANTEES you will learn something from every shot you play.

As the home of MIND FIT GOLF in the UK we will help you discover what is possible, for YOU!


John Dixon - June 2013

I welcome the opportunity to thank Tony fo all the help he's given me over the last 6 months. My game had deteriorated to the extent that my handicap was creeping up and i was losing golf balls at a rate of sometime 5 a round. I have had many lessons over the years, but I have to say Tony... more